Friday, March 1, 2013

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Lately, I've been thinking about combining our future nursery with a guest room so our parents will have somewhere to stay when they come to visit us (where ever that is!). Since getting a three bedroom place to totally out of the question no matter where we go, combining uses and getting the most out of that room will be very important. Storage will be a huge necessity, so right now I'm focused on finding storage bed options. Of course, budget is a major priority, so I'm also looking for low-priced solutions.

If you are like me, you constantly claim that, given more storage space, you would be SUCH an organized person. It seems like there's never enough closet space for the stuff we have in our lives. We could all use some extra space and often times a bonus rooms, like a guest room, is the perfect place to squeeze in some extra organizing. 

I L-O-V-E Jenny from Little Green Notebook's solution here for fancying up a basic storage bed frame by attaching upholstered head and foot boards directly to the frame. Genius. This idea might come into play in our future space.

Ikea is always a great source for inexpensive bedframes, and they have a few good storage bed options.

I'm going clean, modern and light with the crib and other nursery furniture, so I want the bed/bedding to tie in with the look.  I'll probably go with the Brimnes or the Mandal and paint the rest of the frame white.

Here are a few other good options...

This option is interesting, includes a padded headboard and frame, but might not offer the kind of storage we'll need.

I haven't pulled the room design board together yet, but I'm leaning towards a palette of mint green and crisp white with accents of yellow, pink and black.  I'm toying with the idea of doing a fresh lemon yellow upholstered headboard.  I think it would be gorgeous against a light mint wall.


This headboard from Skyline is a contender, but might not be quite punchy enough for the look I'm going for...

Much more to come on this room!

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