Monday, May 19, 2014

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I've been pushing forward on projects in the nursery/guestroom trying to get everything checked off by my self-imposed one year deadline.  First item, the lights.  I had regular table lamps originally, but our roaming baby would pull them down in no time so I had to switch them to wall mounted (well, technically bed-mounted).  I had these super inexpensive Ikea lamps from our previous place and updated them with a hit of bright yellow paint on the shades.

I also spruced up the vintage Madeline poster that's hanging on the door.  The frame was a boring brown, so I gave it a few quick coats of yellow paint and now it is bright and sunny!

I learned this trick from Jenny at Little Green Notebook.  You can just paint your frame, letting the paint get on the glass.  When it is dry, simply clean up the glass with a razor blade!  Works for mirrors too.

I realized in my previous post about the nursery that I didn't show you a picture of the shelves we have currently.  Here they are...

There isn't anything wrong with them, but they are just not the vibe I want in the room.  Plus, I really want to install picture ledges so we can display all the cute baby books.  Something like this... 

Nursery Design by Elizabeth Sullivan via MadeByGirl

I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver me some cord covers then I'll share the changes in the living room!

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