Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HOME | Apartment Tour Part 3 - The Nursery & Guest Room

We moved into our new place less than a month before #babymads was born (yes, she has an official hashtag, how else is a psycho-mom suppose to categorize her Instagram pictures?).  I tried to get as much as a could done even though I was the size of manatee and about as quick. The nursery was definitely a major focus of my attention. I wanted to make sure that room was ready...nesting instinct I guess. It pretty much all got done in time. The drapes went up the day before she was born, so we made it just by a hair.

I didn't want anything too girly, so I went with a palette of red, white, pink and black with some splashes of yellow.  The red vintage dresser, which I stole from my mom, makes an awesome statement in the room.  I decided to bring the pink in primarily in linens (from The Land of Nod) and accessories like the tassle banner.

The crib I picked up from Wayfair.com and I highly recommend it.  It was very easy to assemble and has a great vintage look.

Since this room also needed to function as a guest room, we were lucky enough to be able to fit a full size bed in the space.  I picked the Malm High bed from Ikea for the clean modern lines and the ability to store stuff underneath. 

(The lighting situation is getting tweaked as we speak, so more pictures to come on those updates!)

This winged heart is one of my favorite pieces in the room.  I picked it up at the Wimberley Outdoor Market outside of Austin, TX when I was down at my friend's bachelorette party.  I somehow managed to lug home this giant metal heart and the oil painting of Petunia the Pretty Monkey in my carry-on.  Thank you Southwest for not calling me out on that one....Benefits of being pregnant, I guess.

So there it is!  I'm pretty happy with it, but, of course, there is still a to-do list:

- install new guest bed lighting (we are doing wall mounted so they are out of reach of Miss Mads)
- switch out the bookcases for something lower and more modern (I didn't even take photos of what we have now)
- install picture ledges to display books
- hang the Maskros Pendant lamp that I have been hoarding for 4 years

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