Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY | hello sign

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY projects to date.  It is the perfect kind of, fast and cheap. 

The entry to our apartment is incredibly boring.  You walk down a long cream-colored hallway with brown carpet and florescent lights.  Not exactly a show-stopper.  I wanted something simple and fun to pep up our doorway and suggest that cool interesting people reside there and you should be friends with them.

I was inspired by these cute wire signs from Anthropologie...

Adorable, right?

Here is how I went about making my sign.  I picked up some black aluminum wire from Michael's which was very pliable and easy to work.  I had originally planned on making the sign with old wire clothing hangers, but the aluminum was far easier to deal with.  First, I wrote out in "hello" in script just to have a rough guide to follow.  Then, I simply started bending the letters, making sure to leave a few inches at the beginning and end for an attachment loop and to allow the letters to project off the wall an inch or so.

And voila!...the piece is all done and ready to be hung up.

I ended up using push pins to hang up the piece. The wire is so lightweight that I really didn't need anything heavy-duty.

 Choosing between larger upholstery nails and my last two pushpins.

I LOVE the way this it looks.

I'm currently resisting the urge to make signs for every room in my house.


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