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HOME | NYC Apartment Tour Part 2 - Living Room

Part 2 of the grand Apartment Tour!  Enter...the living room!

It is the most complete space and where Mads and I spend about 99.9% of our lives.  I have to say, I'm very happy with how it has come out.  It is light and bright, with a good mix of modern and vintage furnishings.  I tried to keep the color palette very neutral, sticking mostly with whites, grays, and natural woods.

Here is what the space looked like when we moved in:

Here is its first iteration with the West Elm Rug (I took this right before we changed it so they aren't exactly styled...):

...and here is what it looks like now:


So obviously the biggest change here was the rug.  When we first moved in I ordered the chenille herringbone rug from West Elm, which I was obsessed with, but it just wasn't right for a high traffic room. Clearly I should have realized this.  White chenille + a baby = no bueno.  But hey, I was blinded by love.

The new rug we ordered is fantastic!  I agonized over what to buy and even considered some very expensive options before finding this one at...drumroll please...Home Depot! I wanted something light that wouldn't drastically change the feel of the room, and most importantly be soft for a very mobile baby.  This definitely fits the bill.  I'm going to share my thoughts on the West Elm rug and the new one we purchased, so stay tuned for the scoop.

The other major change in the room was replacing an enormous Jens Risom desk with a smaller Danish modern table.  We still primarily use this area as a desk, but it is now easier to switch it up for dinner, and it's expandable in case we host parties.

Oh hey there little lady!

There isn't much I'm planning to change/add in this room, but here is my to-do list:
- install sconces on gallery wall for more light
- change the pulls on the tv cabinet (I already have my sights set on these agate beauties)
- add decorative tape to the blinds to dress them up a bit
- baby-proof the wire mess under the table

I feel like this is all very do-able.  

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