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HOME | Apartment Tour Part 1 - The Hall & Foyer

I keep saying I'm back but this time I mean it! I've been sitting on tons of ideas and inspiration and it is time to share.

To start things off I'm doing Part 1 of our NYC apartment tour.  I'll be going each of the spaces, showing befores and afters and presenting my "to-do" lists.  I'm sharing these lists mostly because I want to hold myself accountable for actually getting it all done.  My goal is to have all my projects completed by the one year mark, so we can actually enjoy the space in completed form.

So let's start the the hallway.  Here is what we started with. Very much a blank canvas.

Just like every other room, it was painted a matte cream color. I decided to go dark and really change the feel of the space.  I've always loved Fallow & Ball's Hague Blue so I decided to just go for it!

Here she is in all her lagoon-y blue glory. 

I love it...very serene and chic when you open the door.  Sure, it is dark, but honestly even when the hall was white it was dark, so why not just embrace it.  

In the foyer area I created a skirted table which hides some ugly/functional storage and positioned our vintage bar on the main wall.  My antler chandelier, which I purchased from Pottery Barn about 10 years ago, finally found a home outside of the closet.  It's not exactly what i would have picked, but I already owned it, so up it went.  Plus, it is fun to hang stuff off of the antlers. Also, for anyone who cares, they are not real antlers, they are resin and probably from China.

Ornaments at Christmas Time!

Seems nice and finished right?  Well...the joke's on you, because I'm already planning to change everything.  

The space feels waaay too traditional for my taste.  I didn't intent it to happen, but it did and it needs to change.

The skirted table, while great and useful, is just not going to work with our little explorer on the loose.  And the bar, which we loved having front and center (what does that say about us?) is also a danger zone (Lana...Lana....LANA....daanga zone).  

The bar contents have already been moved into the bookcases in the living room, and I'm in the process of finding some baskets that can hold the contents of the skirted table.  I'm going to move the mirror above the bar and possibly paint it white.  I'd really like a large, modern round mirror for that space, but that also costs money.  The gallery wall is going to extend down the hall and I will probably just fill it up with pictures of Mads, psycho-mom style.    

The antler chandy will be yarn-bombed.  You heard me!  I already bought the yarn and am just working up the courage to take this one on.  It is going to be intense.  

I would also like to get a new rug.  This is not a must because I think with some updates to the space the current kilim will not feel so traditional.  I would love this one instead though...

IKEA PS 2014 Flatwoven Rug

Oh and...I might do a stencil on the bar wall.  Something like this...

Here is the hall/foyer to-do list:

- Get baskets for bar
- Remove skirted table
- Move (and paint?) mirror
- Extend gallery wall
- Yarn-bomb those antlers!
- Stencil wall
- Make a frame for the paintings (there was a great tutorial for doing this on Hommemaker)
- New rug?

whew that's a lot.  

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