Thursday, January 26, 2017

DESIGN | Lighting Lust List, Chandelier Edition

Good lighting can make or break a room, that's a given. Nowadays there are so many options out there that it can be hard to find that perfect piece. (I'm trying to find a dining room chandelier for the #mountainhouseproject and it is driving me bonkers.)

There are, however, those standout pieces that you keep coming back to. Usually they are either too expensive or you just never have the right space for them. So here is my "Lust List - Chandelier Edition".

This is one of my all time favorites.  At $4,000+ it is an investment, but wow, what a statement!  One day...

E.F. Chapman Gramercy Chandelier

Such a classic beauty! I love the pineapple foliage and the mercury glass orb. Would be equally great in a Park Avenue penthouse or a country dining room for some added glamour.

I think this light would look stunning in a kitchen over a large island. Restoration Hardware also makes a version that looks very similar and if you are a member it is about $500 less.

I have always loved the laid-back elegance of this light. Somehow beachy and regal all in one. You can now get them through Anthropologie, so watch out for those House & Home sales! 

Here it is in Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook's entry hall.

The simplicity of this piece really makes it.  No unnecessary flourishes, just beautiful, graceful lines. This is a huge piece clocking in at 60" so it is perfectly suited for large living room spaces or a grand entry hall.

The simple Noguchi orb lantern. The bigger the better on these I think. They are like giant glowing moons.  You have to have the right space and, of course, high ceilings are a must. But if your space leans modern or rustic this is one to consider.

I'm potentially going to use one (probably a knock-off, let's be honest) in the girls shared room. Mixed with the forest wallpaper I think it would be an amazing effect.

I've loved this light since I came across it on the pages of Elle Decor. 

(I'm not even going to say whose pad this is, the pain is still too real, but the designer is Kelly Behun)  

And here are similar lights in a gorgeous home designed by the always inspiring Tilton Fenwick.

Lo and behold they have them at Restoration Hardware! The Nero is on its way out and the 29" version is only $820. I'm desperately trying to avoid buying it. 

The last on my list is vintage so it requires luck and some $ to acquire. The Uchiwa Fan Lights by Ingo Maurer provide beautiful texture and a warm glow. One of my design favorites, Tom Scheerer, uses them and they work so well with his trademark mix.

Tom Scheerer's Office with Ingo Maurer Fan Lights

Scour 1stdibs if you want one of these...and get ready to pay!

What are some of your favorites?  

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